“As a musician, I have felt in very good hands with you. You were an important component for our work in this house.”

Maria Gvozdetskaya, Second Violins Co-Principal, Philharmonic Orchestra of Western Pomerania, 2023

“You’re the best thing that’s happened to us in fourty years.”

Christin Petersohn, Viola Sub-Principal, Philharmonic Orchestra of Western Pomerania, 2022

“You are a blessing for this orchestra.”

Alexander Mayer, First Chapel Master & Deputy Music Director, Theater Vorpommern, 2021

“I wish to express my thankfulness for the way you communicate. I deeply appreciate transparence and loyalty.”

Alexandra Kalka, Communication & Coordinator of Education, Bergische Symphoniker, 2019

“You are an asset for the orchestra.”

Ariane Matiakh, Conductor, Philharmonic State Orchestra of Mainz, 2018

“You have no idea what you have done for us: you have set a whole new standard of collaboration in this company.”

Filip Stuer, Director of Communication and Marketing, Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, 2017

You have fulfilled your role in style.

Frank Lefers, Orchestra Director, Gürzenich Orchestra of Cologne, 2017

“Seldom have I seen someone do their work as professionally as you do.“

Peter Mönkediek, Solo Trumpet, Cologne Radio Symphony Orchestra, 2016

“What a fruitful encounter! Thank you for your efficiency, your calm, for thinking of everything and in its own good time, for your kindness.“

Frédérique Chauvet, Artistic Director, BarokOpera, 2015

“We could never have done this without you.“

Michael Klier, Education Coordinator, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, 2015

“I observed Éric with admiration. He set the numerous ideas and sometimes changing agreements in good order. With every rehearsal, he stood ready and sharp. No unnecessary fuss.“

Ingeborg de Boois, Choir member, Haarlem Opera, 2014

“I admire the calm you radiate and the accuracy you demonstrate.“

Désiree Verlaan, Mezzo-soprano, Cappella Amsterdam, 2014

“Thank you so much for the thorough preparations and your hard work. Without you, this project would have been a flop.“

Lonneke Regter, Director, The Dutch Violin Competitions, 2013

“I have got to know Éric as somebody who is driven and solution-oriented in his work; valuable qualities in his position in which service and autonomy come together. Moreover, Éric is a pleasant colleague to work with.“

René Meulenberg, Production Manager, Netherlands Radio Choir, 2011